More About Me

On a weekend trip to Carmel Matt realized the Monterey peninsula was the place he would like to call home. Having spent most of his life in customer service, before and after his musical success, and finding an affinity towards the Monterey area, he felt the next natural step was towards a career in real estate.  Having to navigate through daunting and complex contracts in the music industry helped mold Matts resolve and firmness in negotiating for his clients needs, especially when the demands are high.

A resident of  the Monterey Peninsula for over 10 years Matt has a vast knowledge of the community, neighborhoods, and geography of the area. He is determined to help clients, buying or selling property, based on their needs and values. With a passion for food, culture, and the unparalleled beauty of the Monterey peninsula, Matts services span everything from suggesting local yoga studios to recommending the best breakfast spot in town. Someone once said you can only become truly accomplished at what you love and this is what he loves. To serve his community, clients, and the soul of this entire peninsula, is something he feels to be truly great.